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StoneCoat - The Best in Epoxy Concrete Coating
StoneCoat Floors – Color: Earth Stone

Applies the best epoxy concrete coating available, and provides excellent service. Our 30+ years of experience with epoxy concrete coatings, allows our customers the ability to create the most attractive and durable concrete coatings for their home or business.

Services Offered:

Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty

At Concrete Made New our only business is upgrading garage floors and Patios or Decks, with an epoxy coating system that Looks and Lasts Like Stone.  Our epoxy coating process focuses on preparation in addition to the use of industrial grade products – both of which are critical.    Furthermore, we stand behind our professionally installed garage system with a “Life Time Satisfaction Warranty*” that is guaranteed against hot tire pull-up or separation.

Now Offering

DIY StoneCoat Kits

Available Here

 Do It Yourself StoneCoat Kit
Epoxy StoneCoat DIY Kit

Pool Deck Reconditioning

“Make Your Pool Look New Again”

StoneCoat Floors, Color: Sonoran Sand

Reflecto Seal

A Heat Reflective Coating  that Lowers the Deck Temperature and Extends Pool Life

Reflecto Seal uses the highest quality, 100% acrylic resins available, which is why it can withstand the daily exposure to water that is often found around swimming pools.

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