Concrete Made New warranties your concrete coating, to the original purchaser, against peeling and delamination caused by any defect in our products or application  Interior StoneCoat  Floors are warranted with a  Lifetime Warranty.  Residential Interior Applications carry the following warranties:  EpoxyCoat (1-Year warranty), PolyCoat (2-Year warranty), PrēmaCoat (5-Year warranty), . Residential Outdoor Applications carry the following warranties: PolyCoat (1-Year warranty), PrēmaCoat (2-Year warranty), StoneCoat (5-Year warranty) This warranty may be extended an additional 3 years when a layer of polyurethane is applied. 

Commercial contracts are warranteed for 2 years, per Arizona statute.

Concrete Made New will inspect any warranty claims to document and validate coverage and will repair, at no cost to the customer, the referred to waranty claim(s).

Exclusions include: Hot tire lift due to high performance tires with adhesive addatives, i.e. Michelin but not exclusive to Michelin.   Cracked concrete, UV degradation, efflorescence (bleeding of mineral salts), Hydro-static pressure, incidental water damage, abuse, neglect, accidents, harsh chemicals such as but not limited to: battery acid and brake fluid. The

Customer understands the coating may be slippery during certain conditions with or without anti-slip. Concrete Made New is NOT liable for any injuries incurred.