Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that the job will be done right?

Our excellent personal and professional reputation is what our family has been working for since 1986. We proudly hire workers with integrity.   We strive daily to provide our customers with a product that they can be proud to show their friends and family.


How long will my project take before things are back to normal?

Every job is different. Be assured that you will be informed at the time of the initial consultation of the approximate time frame of your project and apprised to any changes as the job progresses. Typically, most of our projects, under 1000 square feet will take less than 3 days before our customers can resume full use.   Of course this can vary according to the scope of the project.


Will there be a lot of dust to deal with?

Concrete Made New is equipped to remove existing coatings and adhesives or to level concrete.  Although we use dust suppression equipment (vacuums), some dust can be created during surface preparation. Where needed we will take extreme measures to assure a clean environment for our customers and workers. In most preparation methods dust is never a problem.


How do I clean and maintain my floor?

Cleaning your Decorative Concrete floor on a regular basis is very important.  The longer you wait to clean, the harder it may be to remove all the spots.

Recommended cleaning procedures:

1) Remove any objects that are on your floor.

2) Use a leaf blower or broom to remove debris from your garage floor or patio.

3) Use an industrial mop and mop your floor. A PH balanced cleaner is recommended.

4) Let floor air dry.

*Never use anything abrasive to clean your floor because that can scratch the surface.


What coating systems do you recommend for my garage or exterior living areas where ultra violet  rays are a concern?

Polybond, Prema-Coat and Southwestern Stone Coat hold up best in direct UV light. Polybond is a 2 layer, solid color system. Prema-Coat is a premium product that has similarities to Terrazzo.  Stone-Coat has the look of exposed aggregate concrete or stone pebbles.  We use the most ultra violet resistant products when producing these products.


Is there an odor with your system and how long will it last?

Any slight odor will dissipate quickly, leaving you to enjoy your floor.


When is a good time of year to have your floor done?

Any time of year is a good time. As a result of using the highest quality material on the market, our coating systems can be utilized year around.


Can you use this product outside?

Yes, the polyurethane used is UV stable allowing for excellent color and gloss protection, for both interior and exterior applications. It is not recommend to use the Epoxy products in direct sunlight.


How long will it take before I can move my car back in the garage?

This depends on the time of the year and application system.  Typically, our system will require 5-7 days for a full cure.


How long does the process take to complete?

Depending on the system , Stone-Coat, Prima Coat and Polybond will take 1 to 2 days typically.