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Restoring The Beauty

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We Provide Top Quality Pressure Cleaning and Paver/Travertine Sealing Services for both Residential and Commercial Properties.

Steam Pressure Cleaning

Paver Sealing

Re-Sanding Paver Joints

Restoring The Beauty


Sealing your pavers/travertine is the very best way to protect the investment you’ve made in your walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks and other hardscape. Since they are exposed to the harsh Arizona weather they require protection and regular maintenance to keep them looking beautiful throughout the year. Our commercial grade paver sealers create a protective finish that will restore the original depth of color, repel stains and deter surface deterioration. Just as you clean and polish your car periodically, your pavers and stones need the same care to keep them looking great year around.

paver sealing process


Steam Power Clean

Our equipment produces 220 degree hot water to ensure the deepest cleaning possible. Our surface cleaners can provide uniform cleaning across all surfaces without any lines. After we surface clean the entire area we then lightly rinse down the surface to remove excess dirt or debris to prepare for the next step.


Re-sanding Paver Joints

The cleaning process will remove some of the sand. Re-applied sand (wet method) provides long lasting stablization of the pavers.


Paver Sealing

We apply two coats of wet-look, two part  WB Polyurethane sealer, Now that pavers have soaked up the first coat of sealer we can now apply another coat to ensure long lasting, durable results. Not only does this add a brilliant new color to your pavers, it adds long lasting protection to ensure your pavers stay this way for years to come! 

Our WB urethan sealer gives a natural, beautiful luster to the paver without the plastic look and feel of other solvent sealers.

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